It is essential that students acquire adequate and up to date travel insurance prior to the course commencing. The policy should cover you for the entirety of the course. Students must send us their policy details prior to traveling to China. If students are found to have no travel insurance, they will be unable to take part in the course and no refund will be provided.

We strongly urge students to do some basic research on the destinations visited on the course. If you are traveling to Beijing in the winter, you should pack warm clothes (e.g. a jacket, jumpers, hat, gloves). Traveling to Yunnan in the winter isn’t so cold, but we still suggest packing a jumper for the evenings. Having said this, cheap clothes can easily be bought, so no need to over-pack!

We suggest that students also pack basic medical supplies, such as plasters, diarrhoea medication, insect repellent and antiseptic. We will also provide a fully equipped medical pack to treat any minor ailments.

We advise that students visit a doctor or travel clinic at least 6 weeks prior to the course commencing. They will be able to provide you with up to date information relating to vaccinations for the various provinces in China, taking into account your previous immunisations. You should take a copy of the course itinerary with you to the travel clinic.

Most certainly not! Students will spend a maximum of 2hrs per day (excluding weekends) in a classroom, although some days will be spent travelling or doing various activities. The aim of our programs is not to exclusively tutor our students in Mandarin Chinese. There is plenty of emphasis on the travelling side too, so students will generally remain in one place for a few days, at which point they will move onto the next. In each place they will explore the cultural diversity through various tourist activities and excursions.

If you decide you would like to continue into the 2nd month, simply inform one of our teachers and we will make arrangements for you to join students on the 2 month program. Firstly, we will need to take a payment for the 2nd month – please refer to application process.

The majority of classes will be held in classrooms. In some cases, we may choose to hold a class in a slightly more confortable and informal environment, such as a local café.

After 1 month, we would expect students to understand the basics of pinyin along with some basic characters. We would also expect students to be able to use spoken Chinese to carry out some basic everyday activities, such as ordering food/drinks, asking for directions, buying tickets etc.

After 2 months, we would expect students to be able to carry out some basic conversations, beginning with introducing yourself. We would also expect them to have a broader understanding of everyday Chinese dialogue and Chinese characters.

Obviously, the amount of knowledge students acquire from the program is very much dependent on the work they put in. We will do our best to provide a good learning environment, but we would expect students to put the effort it in. This would include doing the assigned homework and constructively reviewing lessons with the teacher.

If students are unhappy with our service or for any other reason choose to cancel during the program, they should inform one of our teachers.

Please read cancellation policy – terms and conditions.

You will eat at good, hygienic, local restaurants, which we have carefully selected. In some places you will eat at the hotel/hostel/guesthouse that you are staying in (mostly breakfast).

If you choose the western food option, we will ensure that you will eat at exclusively western restaurants, serving dishes such as pastas, salads, hamburgers etc.

However, we recommend that students choose to eat Chinese food as some of local foods around Yunnan are delicious and can only enhance the experience.

Whether the students are staying in a hotel, guesthouse or hostel, we can ensure you that it will be of a good standard, safe and a comfortable environment. In most places they will be staying in dorms with between 4-6 people, including a private bathroom. Each place has 24hr internet service and hot water.

If students are in any way unhappy with the standard of accommodation, please let us know and we will make arrangements for alternative accommodation.