For the duration of the course from Monday – Sunday, students will be provided with three meals per day – this is included in the price of the course.

Students will be eating at carefully selected local restaurants, all of which conform to the latest health standards and which we have vetted.

Throughout the course, you will be eating in both Chinese and Western restaurants.

Each province in China has its own style and Yunnan is no exception. The cuisine in Yunnan is heavily influenced by its location, being close to Burma, Vietnam and Laos. Yunnan is often noted as having some of the best food in China, and we look forward to showing you some of their specialties.

**Any food preferences or allergies should clearly be stated in the application form**


Throughout the course you will be spending time in various locations. Some times you will be in a City, like Kunming, other times you will be in a small village, such as Lijiang.

No matter where you visit, you will always be staying in clean, modern and attractive accommodation that we ourselves have stayed in. We have ensured that whether you are staying in a hotel, guesthouse or hostel it will be of a good standard and completely safe.

We ensure that girls and boys will be divided into separate rooms with a maximum of 6 per room. Depending on numbers, in some places we may choose to use 4 bed dormitories, triple rooms or even double rooms. Each place will have the latest facilities such as 24hr internet, hot water and a laundry service.

If you would like a bit more information on each place where you will stay, please email us and we will be happy to give you a thorough break-down of each location.