About Us

We strongly believe that the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. There is no better place to learn Chinese than in China!

Our philosophy draws from a belief that spending all your time in a classroom can be counter productive. Instead, you will spend the morning in the classroom and the afternoon practising what you’ve learnt outdoors.

This not only allows you to absorb the language around you, but also gives you the chance to explore some of the cultural activities and sights Yunnan has to offer.

Here is a short bio of the main people involved with Bridging The Gap China.

Mark Cottenham

Mark was at Eton before he went to Bristol University, where he studied Sociology. Having completed his studies he moved to London to work for Morgan Stanley. He has since moved to China, where he learnt Mandarin and is now fluent. He is based in Kunming, where he oversees the running of the course as course director.

John Molloy

John taught Tai Chi and Kung Fu in the UK. Since moving to China in 2009, he has taught English in Aston Xian, XingPing and Kunming. Now based in Kunming, John has been the manager of the Empire Foreign Language School as well as working in Yunnan University. John is our course director.

Du Juan (Christina)

Christina is one of our teachers and is also responsible for making sure all our teachers are fully trained.

Wen (Michelle)

Michelle is one of our teachers and is also responsible for ensuring that course content and materials are of the right standard and enjoyable for our students.

Why Choose BTGC?

  • Small classes
    each class contains a maximum of 10 people, creating a more personal learning environment.
  • English course manager
    Our course is run by British ex-pats, who not only live in Yunnan, but speak the language. They are always on hand to help whenever you need.
  • Constant access to teachers
    teachers will travel with students throughout the course, so any questions, Mandarin related or otherwise, can be answered.
  • This gives you the chance to practice what you’ve learnt, knowing that a teacher is always there to help, should you need it.
  • Course flexibility
    if students favour certain activities or classroom topics over others, we will endeavour to alter the course to suit their needs.
  • Teaching standards
    all our teachers are fully qualified, with a major in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and years of experience.
  • Yunnan expertise
    teachers and tour guides have been carefully selected and all have a depth of knowledge on Yunnan only found amongst the local people.
  • Standard of accommodation
    all students will be housed in modern, clean and well equipped accommodation with access to a clean bathroom, hot water and internet.
  • All inclusive
    Our course is all inclusive. Apart from your international flights, everything is included in the price. This includes all the teaching, internal travel, food and accommodation. The only thing you might want to bring is some spending money.